We are looking for a dynamic and resourceful QA Test Analyst to join our team, with a keen eye for detail; good communication skills; a sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on our business success. Experience in Mobile (native) Apps and Web Application testing is essential.

You will work closely with all the Bluegrass teams including the Project Management; Development; Design and Business Analyst teams. The Operations Director will oversee your work to ensure the quality and fulfilment of Bluegrass Digital’s products and services. You will understand client project requirements; make raise UX issues during the QA process; understand the CMS platforms we work with; and along with our Business Analysts improve the QA team operational effectiveness and processes


  • 3+ years’ experience within an IT or Agency environment
  • Familiar with Agile methodologies (Kanban / Scrum)
  • Experience working with JIRA project management platform
  • Good understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Proficient with native mobile app testing (iOS and Android)
  • Proficient with responsive web cross browser testing
  • Experience working with Content Management Systems (Umbraco and WordPress)
  • Experience conducting API testing using tools like Charles or Postman is advantageous
  • Experience conducting performance tests using available tools like Dev Tools; Google Lighthouse; GTmetrix etc
  • A good understanding of SEO and how to test SEO technical aspects from a QA perspective
  • Ability to create and manage clear and concise test scripts
  • Razor sharp eye for detail – you should have a creative eye and the ability to review designs against the final product and pick out those minuscule 1 pixel off bugs and inherently understand when something ‘feels wrong’ within the user experience
  • Military-like organizational and time management skills, with the ability to juggle multiple projects/tasks comfortably
  • Excellent command of the English language, both verbal and written so you can effectively report bugs in a clear manner
  • Solid skills in Microsoft Excel and Word


  • Cross Platform Testing – of large Website Applications; and Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)
  • Functional Testing – manually test applications against defined user stories and business logic. Develop strong 'hands-on' debugging abilities with a talent for putting yourself in the user’s shoes to troubleshoot both functional and usability issues
  • Scenario Testing – you should be an out-the-box thinker and able to conceive and replicate test scenarios, whilst trying to break the application for different scenarios
  • Performance Testing – you will test application performance levels using available free tools i.e. Dev Tools; Google Lighthouse
  • Automation Testing – create test cases and write automation scripts (mentorship provided) as per project and clients requirements
  • Client Contracts – on occasion and when required you may be put forwards for key client contracts where you will perform your QA duties in line with the clients requirements on a fulltime basis, and reporting into client project stakeholders daily. You will be supported as much as is required by the entire Bluegrass team.
  • Complete monthly client Platform Operations (including regression testing), as per agreed SLA client retainers
  • Create high quality Acceptance Criteria and detailed bug reports for project tickets, that will allow developers to replicate a bug and resolve it quickly
  • Perform regression testing across projects and ensure there are clear test plans to regular monthly Platform Operation regression testing
  • Stay abreast of UX best practices by reading popular blogs and follow UX industry thought leaders, so that you can think about UX testing and functional design testing
  • Keep up to date with browser, mobile device and operating system compatibilities, limitations & quirks to aid with the QA process
  • Master the various Content Management platforms Bluegrass uses (Optimizely, Umbraco, WordPress), so that Project Managers can ask you for guidance to help answer client queries
  • Research and understand security standards, especially the OWASP Top Ten standards
  • Participate in project planning sessions with team members to contribute towards cost estimates and timeline project planning.
  • Learn and understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to test for it from a QA perspective
  • Learn and understand Google Analytics and how it should be implemented, so that you can test for it from a QA perspective