We are looking for an experienced SENIOR UX / UI DESIGNER to join our team and drive the creative direction within the business and for our client projects. You should understand 'bigger picture' strategic thinking and be able to help scope and manage these conversations on our client projects during the initial sales discussions and as part of the creative process, ensuring that all our designs talk back to the client’s business requirements and project objectives.

You will be supported by and will work closely with our UX Solution Strategist and Solutions Director, and together ensure the quality and fulfilment of Bluegrass Digital’s creative solutions. At Bluegrass we are Figma lovers, and this is the primary UX and design tool and a skill we require you to have.


  • Minimum of 4+ years’ experience working within a similar creative software development environment or a product development team
  • A degree and/or design related qualifications
  • Experience interacting with clients and able to unpack project requirements and business problems
  • Experience with new business 'pitching' work and talking through the design process
  • Experience architecting and structuring Figma projects
  • Experience creating UX wireframes and UI designs for Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills to lead clients through the creative process


  • Experience using and understanding Google’s Material Design system
  • Experience implementing a Design System
  • Experience working with Adobe XD
  • Experience using JIRA as a project management tool
  • Experience with WebFlow
  • Ability to create professional branding videos and showreels
  • Experience creating and designing corporate branding, logos and CI guidelines
  • Ability to write code (HTML / CSS)


Some of the main responsibilities for this position will now be covered in detail, to give you an idea of the depth of the role and expectations thereof:

  • Interact with clients and scope project requirements and business problems and propose solutions
  • Assist the sales process with creative pitches to help win new business
  • Master and use the following design tools: Figma; Adobe CC Suite
  • Create UX wireframe/prototypes using Figma (primarily)
  • Present both your UX prototypes and UI Designs to clients in a clear and professional manner, explaining how we’ve solved and achieved the project objectives
  • Passionately stay abreast of new design trends, concepts and designing for digital, web and mobile experiences and explore these trends actively on a regular basis.
  • Master designing for Mobile App development (iOS & Android) and understand the design implications to cater for various types of screen sizes and orientations
  • Understand the importance of Design Systems and make recommendations as to how Bluegrass can become more efficient within our internal design processes, by proactively using provided learning platforms (i.e. www.uxcel.com) to improve your skills
  • Master Google’s Material Design system and employ its guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design
  • Create and design corporate branding, logos and CI style guides
  • Assist clients and project managers to select themes to use for projects (i.e. WebFlow and Wordpress) where you can easily skin design files (where required)
  • Master Bluegrass project management tools like JIRA and our creative processes
  • Provide design estimates that can be used to create accurate project cost estimates and project timelines.
  • Accurately track your time logs daily using Bluegrass tools and standards
  • Advantageous is an understanding of HTML & CSS to propose solutions from a functional design perspective
  • Assist the marketing team to create website content; social media and case study assets to showcase our work
  • Assist with Award entry submissions
  • Conceptualise and input into our Bluegrass branding videos and showreels